Working with Municipalities

We create lasting municipal relationships based on trust, honesty, and value for taxpayers

A Partner with Municipalities

FNA works diligently with hundreds of municipalities and taxing entities across the country to fund budget shortfalls resulting from unpaid taxes. These shortfalls negatively impact vital functions such as education, police and fire protection, waste removal, and infrastructure upkeep.

Bridging the Budget Gaps

FNA monetizes some or all of these delinquent taxes through auctions, bulk purchases, negotiated sales, or other methods customized to the needs of municipalities.  Typically, FNA provides this funding in exchange for becoming the first lien holder against the delinquent properties for which money was provided.

FNA is Happy to Tailor a Plan for Any Taxing Jurisdiction and of Any Size

In some instances, municipalities may request that FNA assume all responsibility for collections or for setting up payment plans with delinquent property owners. FNA strictly abides by all rules concerning contacting property owners and any legal requirements if the property ultimately must be foreclosed.

If your municipality or taxing entity is interested in learning more about FNA and our capabilities, please call us at 312.683.0800 or e-mail us at